From my wife’s dream:
“You know that incredible feeling of the energy of creation? It can also be seen as the potential creative energy that is inherent in all things that haven’t yet reached their physical form.
Wow! I try to give this amazing force my full awareness, allowing for it to be born at the exact right time. Like a birth that pushes itself naturally to realization.
As a mature creator and eternal child, I was drawn to the world of colors, raw materials, nature and imagination. When I finished my studies, I expressed these aspects professionally, both as an illustrator and set designer and later in other areas of design.
I draw my inspiration from all over, through interaction with people, and from nature music, travels, culture, dreams… This inspiration evolves naturally into creative realization in my home studio, allowing me to lead a lifestyle that suits me and to run a wonderful virtual e-commerce store.
Through this store, I am learning and fulfilling another tool for expression, through interacting with people worldwide, providing me with a platform for self-expression and personal development.
Behind every illustration or design there is a story, a journey. It is fun to see how these creations are being realized with love, in a crazy little virtual store in the global market that is full of infinite opportunities, where creators, worlds, dimensions and souls meet.”